Pluton - the Dark Mystic

Pluton with Symbol Techno (Hybrid-) DJ & Live Act - Creator of the Mystical Club Sound of the Underground

Pluton, also known as Pluto / Plutos, is the roman god of the underworld and the name giver for live act & dj "Pluton -the Dark Mystic". Techno, especially the more deep & dark versions, in combination with Hardtechno and Electronic are the favoured musical genres of "Pluton - the Dark Mystic", accompanied by partly self created mystical sounds and effects. So it´s important to understand that the current musical sets of PLUTON are a hybrid between traditional djing and a live-set! Leading to the motto: the "God of the Underworld" musically arrived in modern times -
that´s the main statement of the sets, gigs & show of "Pluton - the Dark Mystic". PLUTON has musical experiences due to his carreer of 16 years as dj Cosmic Tantra inside the psytrance scene since 1999 - using all necessary stuff in that time: from vinyl over cd to digital. Due to his ideas of rough and a little harsh songs of the past years he now creates TECHNO club sounds since 2015 ... following that decision he returned to his "old love" Techno. During his hybrid "real-time track-manipulation" dj gigs (one can also say "live remix sets") PLUTON uses NI Traktor 2 Pro with all four decks and effects, Ableton Live, NI Maschine 2 plus different effects, additional hardware synths & grooveboxes. Behind the "mask" of PLUTON is the german music enthusiast Jens-Peter "JP" Kadelka, currently living in the german capitol Berlin, and musically active since 1999. Starting in those days as "DJ Cosmic Tantra", well known inside the german Goa & Psytrance scene, his musical experiences today are based on a wide range of perfomances on festivals & parties, like: Antaris OA Festival (2x), Shiva Moon OA Festival (2x), Bards Tale, Klangzauber, Freudensprung, Freiraum OA Festival, Himacala Sun, Klanglabyrinth, Magic of Nature and many more. An EP release in 2010 at Dooload called "Interrupted Missions" included each a Progressive, Techno and Ambient/Meditative version of the same musical theme. This EP was re-released in 2015 at CDBaby as well as Bandcamp. In 2015 - after 16 years of Goa & Psytrance - JP decided to go back to Techno style, due to the large amount of (techno) ideas he sampled in the past years. Following his inner feelings, a change to his "old love" had to be done. And "Pluton - the Dark Mystic" was born. As a child of the 70s and 80s his musical heroes of that time were and ever will be musical giants like Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Cabaret Voltaire, Underworld and later the stars of the german techno revolution like Sven Väth and his different "alter ego´s", Jam & Spoon and some others of the Eye Q label. In addition the so called "Electronic Body Music" became important for JP. Bands like Front 242, X Marks The Pedwalk and Front Line Assembly presented the dark versions of electronic music and influenced JP strongly. Pluton always stood and still stands for a "living" performance of tracks, means he is not only playing tracks - it is more a real-time manipulation of two, often three tracks and sounds from his additional equipment at the same time. So his sets are described better as a musical journey ... a journey "through the sound of the Underworld".