The Shambala Project

Pluton with Symbol A musical project producing music of energetic feelings - connecting spherical syntheziser sounds with taiko drums

"SHAMBALA DAIKO" ... is a drum performance group with japanese taiko drums, founded 2010 in Berlin. Only taiko drums are used - the songs are mixed from traditional japanese ones to self written modern western ones. The sound is big swelling, sometimes groovy, sometimes aggressiv and every time touching your deepest inner being. SHAMBALA DAIKO is teaching taiko drumming in
schools, youth clubs and other institutions for an alternative to frustrations, alcohol, drugs & violence as well as pushing physical & mental health combinated with fun and music. As well as on different events & is training people in different corporations for team-building and schools for strengthen the health. "THE SHAMBALA PROJECT" … founded 2006 in Wiesbaden, is a live act performing ambient, progressive & spiritually impressed (dance) music, supported with japanese drums. It is a special side project of DJ Cosmic Tantra and was originally founded in 2006 by 'Cosmic Tantra' to help people all over the world integrating the spiritual energies in their own lifes and finding their way back to the inner child & light. Music can help people in so many ways - we decided to make music inspired by spiritual lessions and personal experiences. "BACKGROUND & INTENTIONS" In old legends "Shambala" is a secret place somewhere in the Himalaya, from where a reformation of the worlds spirit will start one day. We believe, that this reformation time is right now. But many people have forgotten, how to feel energy. So we try to show it in using music. We use synthezisers, taiko drums & sometimes Djembes for a specific and powerful sound ! The sound is created by using the mathematics of the Cosmic Octave in combination with the Tzolkin (the holy calender of the Maya). This means these live acts are not only a wonderful & harmonic experience for all people on every festival or event - it is a journey to the natural sound of life!" SHAMBALA DAIKO & THE SHAMBALA PROJECT are performing their own songs as well as creating Soundtracks for movies, tv and more. They are collaborating with MC BASSTARDand HIMIKO (Wulfspack) playing Taiko parts on different songs...